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Welcome to Hard Money Mike

Hard Money Mike is a company focused on the real estate investor.

Our goal is to help good investors thrive, succeed and prosper.

Not only do we provide direct funding, but we also scour the country looking for the best loan products to help our clients grow.

We focus on good people looking to grow their business and lower their costs of funds.

Our base rate is currently 8% for flips and rental flips

Start analyzing your project’s financing with our Loan Cost Optimizer.

We can help you get bank approved.

Looking for a traditional loan or an owner-occupied loan?

Deals and Closings

Welcome to Deals and Blog from Hard Money Mike. Please find below deals we recently closed and wholesale partners.

Fix and Flips

Hard Money Mike offers loans for fix and flips in Colorado and parts of the Midwest. We offer in-house funded loans with competitive rates.

Rental Property Loans

We can fund up to 100% of the purchase and rehab based on your permanent loan approval you provide.


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