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The Best Seat in the House

The “best seat in the house” is most commonly known as having the best seat in a theater. But for one of our flippers, her goal for every house she flips is to leave it with the new owners having The Best Seat in the House. She says that this spot in the house, which is different for every home, defines the home and is the point at which she starts and finishes her renovations. As we love hearing her say, “It’s the heart of the home”.


To her, flipping a house isn’t just about the renovations and the fixes. It’s about the overall improvement of the home. It’s about bringing life and love back into the home and getting the home back to a point that it can support its new owners to its fullest extent.


When she found this particular house, she knew almost immediately that the best seat in the house belonged in the living room. This room had a beautiful rustic brick wall, a fireplace that had immense potential to bring warmth and comfort to the room, and a gorgeous view out of a large bay window. So, as is her way, she started in this room and spread out from there.

The house needed new floors, new paint, and the bathrooms needed gutting and renewal. That’s not including the kitchen, which needed all new cabinets and appliances.

To break down the numbers, she bought this home for $135,000. She spent 4 months and $45,000 on the renovations and fix-ups. In the end, she was able to sell this home to the excited new owners for $239,900! She told us that one of the things that helped her sell this home so quickly was, in fact, the best seat of the house. It’s a unique way to show how much potential a home has. A lot of the time with house-shoppers, it’s about a feeling that they get when in the home. Having them sit down in the best seat of the house is a tremendously successful way for them to get that warm and fuzzy feeling.

Moved by curiosity, we asked her if she had a Best Seat of the House in her own home. She replied, “Absolutely we do, but if you want to sit there, you have to move the dog.”

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