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Practical Guide How To Analyze Neighborhoods For Investment Properties

In this great Bigger Pockets article, you learn the nuts and bolts of what to look for and how to get the information to do a comprehensive evaluation of a neighborhood to determine what neighborhoods and properties will give you the best return.

Spring Has Sprung! What Investment Seeds Have You Been Planting???

Tips To Increase Value Of Your Property Whether Flipping Or Holding

Check out the great tips in this Bigger Pockets article on what will bring in best value for your dollars in renovations.

Investors it’s Spring! Time to plant new investment property seeds! We are here to water them with quick and easy funding!


What is your credit score costing you?

How much money might a lackluster credit score be costing you over the life of your investment business?

the impact of your credit score

You probably hear a lot of talk in the mortgage industry about your credit score and the effect it can have on your interest rates, but do you really have an idea of how much it’s affecting your bottom dollar?

Do you know how to determine your Return on Credit (ROC)?

Can you crunch the numbers to figure out how much your score is helping your cash-flow? How about how much money it’s sucking out every month?)

These calculations can get complicated, but the takeaway here is that a less-than-stellar score can really be costing your tens of thousands of dollars over the lifetime of your loan. And when your loan is on investment property, (or several,) you may as well be lighting your profits on fire.

a less than perfect credit score is eating away at your profit.

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Take Charge Tuesday!

Take Charge Tuesday!

How Will COVID Affect Real Estate In 2021?

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