5 Paths to Financing Your Loan

Did you know you have more than one option when it comes to financing your property investments?

As you can see, there are 5 paths to take with financing your properties:

  1. Standard/Traditional
  2. Non-Standard
  3. Local Banks
  4. EZ Loan
  5. Limited Credit or Experience Loans (also known as Non-QM)

So, which loan type is best for your project so you can boost your cash flow and reach your goals faster? Find out here on our sister site, Investor Real Estate Loans.

BRRRR Fundimentals

Ever wonder what is BRRRR anyway? Well, in this informational video by Mike Bonn you will get your questions answered! Check it out!

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5 Things Fix-and-Flip Shows Don’t Tell You

5 Things Fix-and-Flip Shows Don’t Tell You

Fix and flip shows present a skewed reality. There is a defined formula that’s followed throughout each episode. Every moment of the show presents the best experience of working on a fix and flip without including much of the hard work that happens behind the scenes.

Read the whole article here.

Do you want help with your fix and flips? Then check out our investor tools!

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Intro to BRRRR

Are you looking for a simple, easy-to-use strategy to use on your rental investments? Then we recommend Bigger Pockets’ BRRRR strategy (also known as BARRRR).

BRRRR/BARRRR stands for:







For a full introduction to this real estate investment method, check out this video from Bigger Pockets.

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