Why Lenders Turn You Down

Do you get frustrated by banks and lenders saying no to you?

Do you wonder why they say no, especially when you know others are getting approved for similar loans?

Do you wonder why it’s different with you? Do you think maybe they just don’t like you?

To be frank, they might not like you. But, it’s FAR more likely you get turned down for good, qualified projects because:

  • Banks and lenders don’t sell the same loan products, so they might not have something that matches your needs. Heck, most hard money lenders only have one option, and if you don’t fit their box, it’s a big fat NO!
  • Banks might not like to lend in the fix and flip world.
  • All banks and lenders have their own niches and likes.
  • Banks and Lenders have designated amounts they can lend.
  • Some banks and lenders don’t work with real estate investors. Why? Because they have a lot of money to lend and they don’t like loans that pay off every six months. Instead, they prefer to lend their money, go play golf, and look for a loan again in two to three years.

If you’re tired of hearing “No,” and want to start getting the loans you need, give us a call!

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