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Fix and Flip in Pueblo

It is so inspiring to see a successful flip, especially when the house is run-down and in dire need of some upgrades. When you can look at the before and after photos and truly be in awe at what has been accomplished, it sure does feel good!

A Fix-and-Flip in Pueblo

When Dave and Justin saw this home in Pueblo, Colorado, they didn’t see a weathered, broken home. They saw a fantastic opportunity, especially with a low purchase price of $92,720.

It’s a small home, only 955 square feet, 2 beds and 1 bath. The previous owners had the house packed full of stuff, with hardly any living space. But once it was cleared out, these guys had their work cut out for them. The bathroom needed a full remodel, the kitchen needed a facelift, the bedrooms and living space needed new carpet and paint, and the exterior needed a new roof, shutters, and paint.

That sounds like quite the scope of work, but with limited labor cost (Dave and Justin doing the work themselves), they set their budget at$10,000 and got to work.

They completely gutted the bathroom and finished it off nicely with a black and white theme and a laminate wood floor. The vast improvements in the kitchen included nice stainless-steel appliances, wood floors, black granite countertops, and crisp white cabinets. The exterior of the home was perhaps the biggest improvement of the whole project. With freshly painted siding and shutters, a new sleek roof, and an eye-grabbing new design for the front yard landscaping, these guys really made the home look as charming as ever.

Incorporating neutral colors and clean lines into a renovation can have broad appeal and attract a wide range of buyers. The design decisions these flippers made paid off in the $180,000 sale of this Pueblo property.


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3 Passive Ways to Make Money in Real Estate in 2022

Maybe you feel like you want to use 2022 as an opportunity to tap out of the active flipping game. But, you also don’t want to lose the chance for real estate cash flow. We’ve got 3 good ways to make passive real estate money.

1) Subject Tos with Rentals

Subject to rentals will be a pretty safe bet for passive real estate income this year. With a subject to, the loan is still under the original financier’s name. You’re just making payments, so the mortgage won’t cloud up your credit.

It’s relatively easy to add 5 – 10 properties to your rental portfolio without adding more debt to your name. If you put these rentals in with a property management company, you can still make a good amount of passive cash flow.

2) Private Notes

Deeds of trust or private lending is a reliable, secured, passive way to put money to work in real estate. With notes, you lend your money to friends or other people in the markets who are looking for funding – and you don’t have to worry about doing any of the work on the property.

Instead of making 1-2% with a bank’s CD rate, you could double or triple that by lending privately. We’ve helped thousands of people successfully lend this way, so contact us for more information.

3) REITs (Real Estate Investment Trusts)

Real Estate Investment Trusts work a bit like a mutual fund. You pool your money with a bunch of other people, and the company uses that money to buy real estate. You’re just one of many investors, and everyone earns a return on the properties.

There are public REITs and private REITs. With public, you can trade on the open market. With private, you have a little more restriction; once you get in, you stay in.

REITs are a great option if you want to invest in real estate but want someone else to manage it. If you’re looking for passive real estate income, research REITs in your area.

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4 Real Estate Basics to Make Money in 2022

The best real estate investments are the evergreen basics. Here are 4 consistent ways of creating cashflow — if you do it right based on your market.

1) Flips

Buying, fixing, and then selling properties is a common investment strategy. But to make fix-and-flips your best real estate investment in 2022, you’ll have to focus carefully on the numbers. Flips make money in one lump sum, not in a steady cash flow over time. So in tougher markets, it’s important to make that large sum count.

This year especially, we recommend staying in the medium to lower price range for your flips. We’re still seeing people selling well in the medium price range. Larger properties, however, are feeling a lot of pressure in this market.

For flips, focus on the numbers and stick to medium price ranges.

2) BRRRR Investments

Buying and fixing up rental properties is another of the best real estate investments. But BRRRR is taking a bit of a hit right now due to interest rates. Interest rates have more than doubled since the beginning of 2022, which will seriously impact your cash flow.

You can still make money from BRRRR properties this year, but you’ll have to be extra careful with numbers. Know your credit score, know your interest rates, and know the rent prices for your area.

3) Subject Tos

A “subject to” is when you buy someone’s property, take over their mortgage, and make all payments, but you don’t assume the loan. The property is in your name and you have ownership, but it stays financed by the seller.

Subject tos will be great opportunities in 2022. You can walk into a property where the rate on the mortgage is still 2.5% – 3%, potentially with renters in place. This will bring a much higher cash flow than if you started from scratch on the open market, where interest rates are almost double that.

Using subject tos is a great way to grow a big portfolio using someone else’s financing.

4) Notes

Another great tactic for real estate investors this year is to use your money in deeds of trust or other private lending.

Rates have gone up, but banks still haven’t really raised CD rates. If you have some money sitting in an account, notes are a good way to get a higher return. You can lend to other investors through gap funding or a more long-term agreement. Notes are becoming big in real estate again, especially with the market in 2022.

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