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Fix and Flip in Pueblo

It is so inspiring to see a successful flip, especially when the house is run-down and in dire need of some upgrades. When you can look at the before and after photos and truly be in awe at what has been accomplished, it sure does feel good!

A Fix-and-Flip in Pueblo

When Dave and Justin saw this home in Pueblo, Colorado, they didn’t see a weathered, broken home. They saw a fantastic opportunity, especially with a low purchase price of $92,720.

It’s a small home, only 955 square feet, 2 beds and 1 bath. The previous owners had the house packed full of stuff, with hardly any living space. But once it was cleared out, these guys had their work cut out for them. The bathroom needed a full remodel, the kitchen needed a facelift, the bedrooms and living space needed new carpet and paint, and the exterior needed a new roof, shutters, and paint.

That sounds like quite the scope of work, but with limited labor cost (Dave and Justin doing the work themselves), they set their budget at$10,000 and got to work.

They completely gutted the bathroom and finished it off nicely with a black and white theme and a laminate wood floor. The vast improvements in the kitchen included nice stainless-steel appliances, wood floors, black granite countertops, and crisp white cabinets. The exterior of the home was perhaps the biggest improvement of the whole project. With freshly painted siding and shutters, a new sleek roof, and an eye-grabbing new design for the front yard landscaping, these guys really made the home look as charming as ever.

Incorporating neutral colors and clean lines into a renovation can have broad appeal and attract a wide range of buyers. The design decisions these flippers made paid off in the $180,000 sale of this Pueblo property.




This property was purchased in Pueblo, Colorado with a bridge loan from Hard Money Mike as
Fix and hold rental property.

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