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3 Reasons You Need Hard Money For Your Investments

3 Reasons You Need Hard Money For Your Investments

Today we are going to look at the 3 reasons why you need hard money for your investment needs. In looking over the past few years, changes in the market have caused banks to shrink their lending pools. As a result, real estate investors are being impacted by both the requirement changes, as well as increasing restrictions. How can you accomplish your goals with so many roadblocks? 

First, Flexibility.

Hard money provides the flexibility you need to achieve success. Unlike banks, you are not required to fit into a box.It can be used for all types of projects including:

  1. Fix and flips
  2. BRRRR/Rentals
  3. Multiple units
  4. Commercial properties
  5. Land

Second, Fewer Qualifications.

 Hard money also has fewer qualifications than banks. The biggest determining factor is whether or not the property cash flows. By having fewer qualifications for investors, it can open the door to endless opportunities. Hard money loans are not based on:

  1. Credit
  2. Experience
  3. Reserves/Down payment

Third, Speed.

Traditional loans can take weeks or even months before everything is finalized. However, using hard money helps you speed up the closing process by skipping a few steps along the way. The old phrase “time is money” paints a great picture of how making the switch can help you get on the fast track to success.

  1. Close in days – not in weeks or months 
  2. Skip appraisal delays and take the fast track
  3. Buy unique properties with less underwriting
  4. Close more properties because many sellers choose speed over price

Contact us today to find out more and what you need to do to get on the fast track to success. 

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