How to invest in real estate with $0

No money to put down on your first investment?

Money shouldn’t stop you. Use these 3 tips to get started.

You don’t have enough savings. After all, flipping is how you want to start making money, right? And you want to begin that real estate investment journey now.

But if you don’t have the money to begin with… how are you even supposed to start?

We see people do it every day. Here are the 3 main ways people have made successful real estate careers with zero money down.

What Are Other Ways to Start with No Money?

Clients come to us wanting to get into real estate but think they need money in the bank. That’s not always the case.

Here are the 3 key ways we see people start their investments with no money:

  1. If you already have a mortgage, get a HELOC.
  2. Start with money from family, a friend, or an outside partner.
  3. Use a 0% credit card to fund the costs of your investment.

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These aren’t the only ways we’ve seen people succeed with a new real estate career. Want even more ways to get into flipping and property investment with zero down? Download our free checklist, or check out these videos on our Youtube channel. Happy investing.

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