Text: "Grow your Airbnb with OPM!"

Grow Your Airbnb Faster with OPM

Getting loans for short-term rentals doesn’t always finance 100%. Grow your Airbnb faster with OPM!

You can get short-term rental loans from banks and hard money lenders. But one of the best strategies for funding Airbnbs is to borrow money from real people.

Using OPM Loans for Airbnb

Other People’s Money comes from family, friends, or anyone else with money they’d like a better return on.

Maybe they’re only getting a 1% rate in their bank account and want more from a real estate investor. Maybe they’re nearing retirement and want to start getting their money out of the stock market. Whatever a person’s situation, there’s a lot of money out there looking for better returns.

You can by a VRBO with someone else’s money, then pay them back with interest at 5-6%. It’s cheaper for you, and double or triple what your lender would make keeping their money in a bank. Win-win.

OPM requires no credit or income qualifications, and it gives you a faster, more convenient money source to grow your Airbnb.

Setting Up a Partnership with OPM

Instead of using OPM as a loan, there’s a way to structure it as a partnership.

In this case, you have no debt requirements. You can return their money with a rate of 5%, but if there’s a bad income month, you’re not obligated to pay.

As far as cash flow, you can’t beat an OPM partnership or loan. It can help you invest in Airbnbs with no money out of pocket, no qualifications, and potentially no debt.

If you need help setting up the OPM process, we’ve done thousands of OPM transactions and can answer any questions you have.

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