Text: "Are Subject Tos Good Real Estate Investments?"

How To Make Sure a Subject To Is a Good Real Estate Investment

Not all subject tos and owner carries are created equal. Here are some tips on knowing when a property will be a good real estate investment for you.

Good Real Estate Location

In the upcoming market, don’t settle for properties in bad locations. A good real estate investment is a deal in a good area.

As more foreclosures happen, more REITs and investment companies will buy large amounts of rental properties, creating new “rental areas.” Your target tenants might want to avoid those areas. You might have more success buying in “better” areas.

Good Real Estate Investments – Know Your Goals

When you go into a subject to deal, you’ll need to know the terms that will make the investment worth it to you, along with the goals you’d have for the property.

How long do you want to carry this property? Can your seller agree to those terms? What does your seller require?

What’s your plan? What are your options for this property? Will you want to rent out the property, or look at lease to own or contract for deed options?

In addition to a traditional subject to, lease to purchase and contract for deed deals are worth considering. Those buyers will give you a down payment, which is a lump sum you can use to fund the property’s fix-ups, put in a reserve, or just keep in your pocket.

Subject Tos are Good Real Estate Investments, Even with High Loan-to-Value Ratios

Often, subject tos will have a high loan-to-value ratio. It’s often around 90%, but we’ve seen subject to properties with over 100% loan-to-value.

Naturally, this could give you pause, but high loan-to-value properties are okay for subject to deals. They’re still good real estate investments. As a subject to buyer, you know:

  • There’s no money out of your pocket.
  • Rent will cover your payments.
  • The loan will amortize down.
  • Over time, you can own the property free and clear, and when the market’s up, you could sell for straight profit.
  • You can create wealth without even using your own credit.

Subject tos are a good real estate investment if you have no experience or money – or if you do!

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