Homegrown Happiness

Homegrown happiness is a goal that every homeowner has. This home, recently flipped by one of our long-time, outstanding flippers, Ryan, goes far beyond homegrown happiness. The happiness doesn’t start when you walk in the door, it starts when you walk onto the property. What he did to the land and the exterior of the home is really what makes this house shine.

When he first walked onto the property, it was as though the land was trying to take back the area and swallow the house back into its wild, arboraceous garden. There was a thick foundation of old, decaying leaves covering the land from the edges of the house all the way out to the fence lines. There were dead tree limbs laying to and fro. The fences around the property were cracked, stained, and partially uprooted. Ryan knew that he had to start on the outside if he even had a chance of pulling this house out from under this mess.

With a good landscaping crew alongside him, they whipped this place into shape quickly. Give a little TLC to the land, and it will give it right back to you in spades. Homegrown happiness is found with a bright green lawn, sparkling new white paint on the fences, and the trees trimmed and happy. This property had an entirely new feel to it. It was welcoming and comforting. It made people want to take a deep, full breath and just enjoy the scenery.

And on top of the beautiful landscapes outside, he turned the interior of the house into a shockingly charming home. It goes to show that a homegrown happiness is only truly found if both the interior and the exterior of the home reflect the TLC that you put into it.

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