Home Run

From start to finish, Evan really hit a home run with this one. Evan, one of our most esteemed sluggers when it comes to fixing up homes, saw this house and was immediately determined to get it out of the bush leagues and into the Big Leagues.


The people selling the house had really let it fall to pieces, and the purchase price was set at $169,000, which was below market at the time. There was some interest, but because of how much work needed to be put into the home, Evan came out on top with the bases loaded.

Rounding First

Evan had to start at the bottom with the foundation. There were cracks in the concrete throughout the home, which hadn’t reached the walls yet, but would have if left much longer. He dug tunnels under the home to access the support beams, then placed foundation repair pilings under each major beam. He lifted the home to the correct level, installed support cylinders under the beams, and shimmed them to the proper height.

Rounding Second

Next, he moved on to the floors and walls. The entire house needed new floors, including carpet, hard wood, and laminate. For both the floors and the walls, he kept his color theme neutral and went with grays and browns throughout the home, so as to make the home able to flow with any interior design that the eventual new homeowners would want.

Rounding Third

As he was nearing home base at this point, he had some last-minute touchups that were in desperate need. The kitchen needed new cabinets and countertops, and the bathrooms needed new countertops and sinks. He also spruced up the landscaping around the home to really make the house look sharp from the outside in.

Bring it Home

Evan really was the “cleanup batter” for this house. The bases were loaded – the house needed a lot of work. And with a full count staring him down.. BOOM! A dinger! A bomb! A Moonshot! He slammed it out of the park and brought it home strong. He ended up selling the property for $299,900 to a very eager couple excited to grow their family in that house. Nothing better than a Grand Slam to help bring this house into the Bigs.


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