Private Money Loans: 5 Tips to Find the Safest Loan

What should you look for when considering private money loans?

Real estate investing is one of the most lucrative markets out there. It’s still creating millionaires and opening the door for families to build generational wealth. But how can you get your foot in the door?

Especially if you’re a newer investor, we’re here to help you figure out how to do this by finding the right lender for you.

Why Private Money Loans? 

Private money loans—also often called hard money loans—are particularly helpful in real estate investing. These particular loans are more flexible which make them perfect for unique projects or projects in rural areas that larger banks may see as less valuable.

If you’re in real estate, you understand that leverage is king. Hard money is an important part of that leverage. However, even as you’re looking for private loans, make sure you shop around so that you can negotiate the best deal possible.

But how can you go about finding a good private money loan? 

1. Shop Around for Loans

No matter where you are in your real estate career, you should always shop around. Even if you’ve had a good experience with a lender in the past, still look around to see if you can find better deals. 

Talk to different lenders. Especially with hard money, each lender will typically have a specialty. This means that each project you do might fit best with a different lender.

This can feel overwhelming, so we’ve created a free tool called the loan cost optimizer. It’s easy to use and can help you find a better deal for your project.

2. Ask For Referrals

If you ask Google to find a good lender, two things are going to happen: First, you’re overwhelmed by the sheer number of options. Second, the ones you’re most likely to see will be paid promotions or paid advertisements.

One of the best ways to avoid this is by asking for referrals. If you know other people in your area who are in the real estate game, ask about their experiences with their lenders. 

Did they charge what they said they were going to charge? How accurate was the lender’s original quote? Did they close on time? Was the contract solid?

Finding a good lender is about more than the on-paper costs. You want a lender who’s reliable and trustworthy, just like they want reliable clients. 

3. Check the Reviews

If you can’t get a referral from someone, the next best thing (and something you should do regardless) is to check the reviews.

Platforms like Google have made it super easy for people to leave reviews for companies. Check out what people are saying. 

Although reviews aren’t always entirely accurate, if a private money lender has a lot of negative reviews about trying to change the terms of a loan, that could be an issue. 

4. Get The Private Money Loan Details in Writing

You don’t ever want to be stuck in a situation where you thought you had a specific agreement, but it doesn’t come through because it was just a verbal comment.

Make sure you get a clear terms sheet that outlines everything the lender said. If you have other important conversations, ask to get an outline of that conversation in writing. Even an email works!

5. Review All Paperwork Carefully

If possible, find a lender who will provide the settlement statement a day or two before closing so you don’t have any surprises. This gives you time to review the paperwork carefully before finalizing the deal. 

Always make sure you know the default rates and other potential charges that might show up. Even if you don’t expect delays in your projects (no one does), read all that fine print carefully so you know the facts.

If You Want Additional Help… Ask Us!

Here at Hard Money Mike we specialize in private money loans. These loans are flexible and perfect for investors working in smaller communities, but it can take some time to find the right loan for you.

If you want a quote, have questions, or want to learn more about private money loans, reach out to us at

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