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Now Is the Time to Act

The world is a little crazy right now.

But that craziness has placed real estate investors in a unique and POWERFUL position.

With time on our hands and the market in constant fluctuation, now this is the PERFECT time to boost your cash flow.

That’s right: BOOST.


A few strategies:

  • Lower your rates: Rates are at an all-time low. If you wait until the market rebounds, you might miss out on those rates and get locked into much higher, more expensive rates.
  • Improve your return on credit (ROC): Wherever you are with your financing, it’s always worth a checkup to see if you can get a Return on Credit increase.
  • Skip a payment or two: With rising job uncertainty, some of your tenants might have a harder time covering their rent. Put yourself in the best financial situation possible. Give them a couple months of no payments. And once they start paying rent again, consider lowering their payments. If they’re safe, you’re safe.
  • Get out of private loans. One simple point can increase your cash flow. For example, a $300K loan could mean hundreds of dollars in your pocket.
  • Look at interest-only loans.
  • Lower your term and rate.

Don’t wait until the markets rebound. You might miss months or even years of lower payments.

NOW is the time to act!

Let’s get the process moving TODAY.