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Keep Cash Flowing: Alternatives to BRRRR in 2022

Cash flow for BRRRR could take a big hit in 2022. Here are some alternatives to try.

We’re probably three to six months out from the really cheap homes getting on the market. How can you plan to finance BRRRRs as values go down but loan requirements go up?

BRRRRs are about getting into value-add properties with little to no money down. But as we’ve mentioned, getting into the properties will be the hard part with money tightening.

Will there be any good alternatives to BRRRR in 2022?

Subject Tos As Alternatives to BRRRR

Here’s another way to look at rental properties with a BRRRR spirit:

What if you could take over someone’s loan and house with no money down, no credit or other requirements, 100% financing, and a great rate?

That’s what subject tos are.

You’ll see more and more subject tos popping up soon. Maybe someone bought their home at 100% last year, but values have come down 10-15% so they can’t sell without losing money or putting more in. People don’t want to go through foreclosure, so in a situation like this, they’d be interested in a subject to.

You can take over the mortgage and put the home in your name. You can do it properly, through title, and create a rental property using someone else’s financing.

This method doesn’t require your income, your credit, or any other qualifications. It only requires a secure set-up, and for you to make the payments on the mortgage.

This is a great way to purchase rental properties as an alternative to BRRRR in 2022 if you don’t have leverage.

Owner Carries in 2022

An owner carry can happen when the seller owns a property free and clear. In this situation, the owner takes on the mortgage.

The seller would likely plan to invest the money they get when the house sells. But the stock market is up and down, and banks only offer 2% maximum interest rates in CDs and accounts.

For the owner, carrying the mortgage when they sell to you is a way to double or triple their interest rate, secured by an asset they already know.

For you, an owner carry is easier, cheaper money. You won’t find a 5% interest rate, with 100% financing and no credit check anywhere else.

Open-Minded Financing Alternatives During Inflation

There’s creative financing available in the real estate investment world.

Whether it’s subject tos, owner carries, or OPM relationships, it’s important to look always into your options for doing zero down investments. Especially now that loans are less likely to cover 100% financing, it’s important to stay open to alternatives to BRRRR in 2022.

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What Does BRRRR Mean In a Down Market?

Does BRRRR mean the same thing in a declining market and a rising one?

Let’s start with the basics. What does Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refinance, Repeat mean? Your understanding of this real estate investment method will determine your success when inflation hits.

BRRRR comes down to two key factors.

1) Buying Undermarket Properties

Buying undermarket properties is the crux of BRRRR.

This important point has been confusing to people in the last few years. That’s because truly good undermarket properties have been hard to find.

We’ve been seeing people buy at 80-85% of a property’s ARV. In the near future, those values will come down.

Back in 2010, people were able to buy properties for 60-65% of the ARV. We’re hoping that’s where this next market will take real estate investors.

This method means buying undermarket properties. Inflation should make this part easier, with lower priced BRRRR properties coming back.

2) Using a Two-Loan Strategy

The other foundational concept in BRRRR is its two-step loan process.

The whole point of this method is to get into rentable properties with little to no money down. To do this, you need two loans – one to acquire it, and one to hold it long-term.

Once you own the property (using the first loan), you can refinance it using the appraised value (via the second loan).

If you can buy a property undermarket (with private money) and own it, you capture the equity of the house when you refinance it.

Instead of pulling more money from your pocket for your next deal, you can use the equity you create with one BRRRR to buy more real estate – even with inflation.

Learning More About What BRRRR Means

BRRRR means two things: buying undermarket real estate, and utilizing two loans to do it.

We’ve been doing this rental property strategy for over 15 years – before it even had the acronym to go with it! For more on BRRRR fundamentals, check out these YouTube videos, or reach out to us anytime at HardMoneyMike.com.

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Does a DSCR Loan Require a Down Payment?

What is the down payment requirement for DSCR loans? What does refinancing look like with this type of loan?

Down Payments for Different Types of Properties

Your typical DSCR loan will require 20% down, but as interest rates are rising, you may see that that tighten up to 25%. So, if you’re buying a $100,000 property, they’ll loan you 80%, or $80,000. But you’ll have to come up with the remaining $20,000.

If you go from a single-family to a four-plex (some DSCR loans work for up to six-plexes!), you may be required to put in more like 25-30%. As your “doors” go up, so does your down payment.

But always check around! DSCR loans are the wild west. You’ll have lots of choices, every lender likes having slightly different requirements.

Refinancing with a DSCR Loan

For a rate and term refinance, a DSCR loan will typically cover 75%.

So you’ll need 25% equity in the property on a DSCR loan to do rate and term.

Cash out refinancing is a little tighter. Most are at 70%, but you could find outliers between 65 and 80% (but the higher ones will raise your interest 2 or 3 points).

For true, good DSCR loans, you’ll be maxed out at 75% for rate and term, 70% for cash out.

Let’s say you’re looking at a property that’s worth $100,000. On the cash out, you can only get $70,000, and you’ll need $30,000 in equity. For rate and term, the max loaned is $75,000.

At the end of the day, it’s impossible to give a one-size-fits-all answer about DSCR loan amounts. There are so many options, and your properties will each require different loans. You’ll have to talk to brokers and lenders in your area to find the best rates for you.

Using DSCR with BRRRR

If you’re lucky, the rental property you’re getting into is a BRRRR property. You can use a DSCR loan like any other traditional conventional loan to refinance.

If you buy the property at 75% or below its ARV, you can use a DSCR loan and buy a rental property with zero money down.

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