Funding Your Flip: What Is Hard Money?

What is hard money?

What is hard money, and how do you use it in real estate investing?

Hard money is the main type of financing for fix and flips and discounted rental property purchases (aka, value-add properties).

While conventional loans are based mainly on the borrower (credit, experience, etc.), hard money loans are based mainly on the property (loan-to-value and after-repair value, or LTV and ARV).  These loans are typically secured by a 1st lien on the piece of real estate being flipped or rented.

Other Names for Hard Money Loans

If you hear someone use one of these terms, then they’re probably referring to hard money:

The Top 3 Benefits of Using Hard Money

  1. FAST closings. Real estate investors who close fast can bid more aggressively on the value-add properties they desire compared to those who use traditional closing timeframes (30+ days). Additionally, faster closings with fewer hurdles means sellers are more likely to give a discount on their property.
  2. Up to 100% financing. This gives real estate investors the ability to spread their cash out and purchase more discounted properties.
  3. Ability to buy properties as-is. Most traditional lenders do NOT like properties that aren’t move-in ready. Hard money loans, on the other hand, are custom-built for fixer-uppers.

Hard money loans are designed for real estate investors who focus on value-add properties… so they can cash flow!

How to Get Real Estate Investor Loans

Hard Money Mike has been assisting real estate investors for over 20 years. What form of financing are you looking for?

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