Make a House a Home

It’s not easy for everyone to make a house a home. It takes time, money, and a whole lot of love. This house in Oklahoma was flipped by one of our long-time regulars, Eric. He has always done excellent work, and a lot of it has to do with his passion for making houses into beautiful homes that people can’t wait to move into.

He purchased this home for $137,000 with a loan for $184,000. Setting his budget at $43,000, he got right to work. To him, part of making this house a home was to strip all of the wood paneling down and create a more modern and serene affect to the house.

Take the living room for example. Not only did it have old, wood linoleum floors but also plain, white walls. How about we get some real hard wood on the floors, paint the walls with a more comfortable and warmer white, and add a nice accent wall. This completely changes the feel to the room and can really inspire someone to do something creative with the space.

Additionally, with the kitchen, he started with removing the breakfast bar. This really opens up the space into the dining area and pulls the home into the modern era. He also brightened up the space with sleek, white cabinets, white speckled granite countertops, and polished stainless-steel appliances.

With all of this energy and love put into this house, he managed to turn it into a home in just 5 months! Altogether, he sold the home for $235,000 and pulled off an excellent profit. But to him, the real profit was renovating and remodeling this house into a wonderful home for a new family. When he sold this home, he told us that a home is a place that gives you mental and emotional support, a place you look forward to being in to get away from the outside world. Do you feel that way about your home? We really hope you do.

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