How Much Hard Money Can I Get? A Guide to Borrowing

How much hard money can you get from lenders? Here’s a brief guide.

Which hard money lenders lend the most?

That question may mean two things to two different investors.

Some people want to know: How much hard money can I get? Five million dollars? Ten million? For other people, the question is: What is the max loan-to-value I could borrow? 

Let’s go through the 3 types of private money lenders, who lends the highest dollar amounts, and who offers the best LTVs.

3 Types of Hard Money Lenders

There are 3 types of hard money lenders:

  • Local: Hard money lenders near your state, city, or region.
  • National: Newer in the hard money scene. They’re backed by Wall Street and lend across the US.
  • Real OPM: A real person you know who has cash they can lend to you for a return.

How Much Does a Hard Money Lender Lend?

First, let’s look at who lends the most as far as dollar amounts.

How much hard money can you get? This comes down to the fund availability and lending capacity of the lender.

National Lenders Loan Amounts

Which lender has the capacity to lend big dollar amounts? That will almost always be national lenders.

These lenders are backed by hedge funds. This means they have a seemingly endless supply of money for loans. (The catch is they only supply loans that fit inside their box, which tends to be fairly limiting).

Larger loans might be $1-10 million and up, even as high as $150 or $250 million. National, hedge-fund-backed lenders will be your only option if you need these amounts.

Local Lenders Loan Amounts

Regional lenders’ loans come in many sizes, but the majority only lend under $1 million. The affordability sweet spot for these lenders, however, is between $100,000 and $300,000, depending on your area.

Real OPM Lenders Loan Amounts

Remember that OPM involves a real person. This person has money stowed away in an IRA and other investment accounts. They want to lend to get a better return, but their pool of funds is definite.

Most OPM loans range between $25,000 to $50,000 – perfect for gap funding, but not always for a complete project. There are some individuals with $500k to $1M to lend, but ultimately, that cash runs out fast in investing.

An OPM lender will be the first one to run out of funds (and the one with the smallest dollar amounts to lend).

What Is the Max LTV You Can Get for Hard Money?

When you think of lender loan amounts, you might think of the gross dollar amount. But you should also think of the LTV.

LTVs are very dependent on market conditions. Now, at the end of 2022, all lenders have tightened up LTVs.

  • National hard money lenders have tightened the most on max LTVs. Hedge-backed hard money lenders will offer somewhere between 80% and 90% of the value of the project’s cost. This number will be dependent on your credit score, experience, and other criteria.
  • Local hard money lenders offer the next best LTVs. At Hard Money Mike, for example, we understand our local markets and are still lending at high loan-to-values. It’s dependent on the loan-to-ARV number, but most local lenders are offering LTVs from 80% to 100%.
  • OPM lenders tend to give the best LTVs. If they can cover the entire cost of the project, they likely will, with minimal requirements. OPM is more trust-based, so it operates more flexibly than actual loan companies.

You’ll certainly need all of these lenders to be successful in real estate. The right lender will be different for each project.

How to Calculate How Much Hard Money I Can Get?

Download our free loan optimizer here. With this tool, you can enter the numbers from 3 different lenders to compare the cost of borrowing from each one.

We want you to find the right lender to make more on your project. There are some people who would like to charge you as much as possible to make maximum profit on each loan. We would rather see you have a successful deal and a long, happy real estate investing career.

Happy Investing.

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