Cottage in the City

In today’s wild and crazy world, who wouldn’t love a cottage in the city? You get the convenience of being in the city, but at the same time you get the warm, cozy feel of a cottage. And not just any cottage, this home offers far more than your average cottage. Jed and Sam found this property out of sheer luck, they weren’t even initially thinking of looking in this neighborhood. They stumbled across a diamond in the rough and knew it from the get-go.

This 5-bed, 3-bath, 2,506 square foot home hadn’t been updated in over a decade and these guys were able to purchase it for $260,000. Their scope of work included everything from demo to bathroom facelifts.

Let’s start with the kitchen. Not a bad looking kitchen to start with, the design is gorgeous. But by replacing the appliances and countertops and giving everything a new shine with some fresh paint, it looks like a brand new kitchen!

And the best part about flipping is that you don’t always have to go above and beyond. Simple fixes such as new carpet, smooth ceilings, and refinishing some wood can make all the difference.

These guys put in their best effort in the small touches that aren’t seen in the photos. Things such as closet lights that are motion detected, and mirror defoggers in all of the bathrooms so the mirrors won’t fog up during a shower. When all was said and done, this homely cottage shot up in value like this neighborhood had never seen. At the onset of this project, they set their ARV at $340,000. But interested buyer after interested buyer set the final offer price at $388,500!

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