Fix and Flipped Into the 21st Century

Take a minute and imagine a 19th century home. Are you picturing an old, dark, creaking, small house? Well, this 2,545 square foot home in Colorado Springs just got fix and flipped into the 21st century. Christian saw this old home and saw nothing but potential. He purchased it for $347,500 with a loan for $397,500. With a $50,000 budget, he had a lot of work ahead of him!


Not only was the house full of 50+ year old plumbing and electrical, but the design aspects needed some serious updates. The flooring throughout the entire home needed to be replaced. The kitchen needed to be rearranged for a more open floor plan. The exterior of the home needed new paint, a new porch, and new siding. And overall, the home needed to be modernized and brightened up.

Look at this vanity choice for the master bath that Christian chose. It has a modern feel, yet it holds old-worldly charm. An excellent choice for potential buyers who want the home to still have a touch of 19th century grace.

Check out how he opened up this kitchen by lining up everything on the one side, and he brightened up the entire room with white cabinets and countertops. He had to install a smaller window to accommodate the new floor plan, but it was well worth it.

In just 6 months, Christian was able to completely renovate and revitalize this home and ended up selling it for $565,000. Overall, Christian flipped this 19th century home into a beautiful, appealing 21st century home while still holding onto the elegance and finesse that this home most assuredly had when it was first built.


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