Make Yourself at Home

Many homeowners have a goal of making their home so comfortable and inviting, that they can say to anyone, “Make Yourself at Home”. For some, it comes easily, as they are natural caretakers and hosts. For others, it comes with much more effort. But the end result is always the same. People are so comfortable and have such a feeling of welcome in the home that they almost don’t want to leave.

That, right there, was the main goal that Ben had when fixing up and flipping this home. He wanted to provide this home with such a magical makeover that the new owners would feel as though their home was so inviting and cozy that they could welcome anyone in and offer them that homely warmth that we all love so dearly.

Ben knew that a lot of that comfort comes in how the home is furnished and designed. However, he also knew that a big part also comes from the house itself, and the feeling you get when you walk in. The bones and structure of the home go a long way in making the house feel a certain way. In addition, the flooring, paint, and appliance choices he made were an integral part of his ultimate vision. He wanted to provide a house that had the strong beginning and foundation of the warmth and comfort that would eventually be present in the home.

With his focus set, he was able to turn this house around in less than 5 months. He purchased the home for $157,000 and ended up selling it for $312,500! Not only did he accomplish what he set out to but made more of a profit than expected in this tough market. That goes to show you: giving a house that warm and fuzzy feel goes a long way. People who have homes that are so welcoming always want to share the warmth, invite people in, and say “Make Yourself at Home!”

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