Wild, Wild Flip

When you think of Grand Junction, Colorado, do you think of a wild, wild flip? More likely, you think of the beautiful, wild wild west. The arts, the culture, and the rustic yet charming lifestyles. That’s precisely why Ted has set down roots here in Grand Junction and has a roaring fix and flip business. He’s one of the best in town, and he turns rundown homes into jaw-dropping beauties.

Let’s take a look at this 1,720 square foot home on Indian Creek Road. It was built in the late 70’s and looks like it hasn’t been updated since. Ted saw this 3 bed/2 bath home for what it’s potential was and got right to work. He purchased this home for $262,000 and set his budget to be $30,000.

Fortunately, the structural integrity of the home was not bad. So, Ted put all of his focus on remodeling the home by bringing it back to life by way of new floors, new paint, and a new layout. You can see the living room here. It looks drab and dull, with not much life. This room needed some brightness. He put hardwood floors in, painted the room white, smoothed out the ceiling and added pocket lights for a more modern appeal. And the best part, he replaced the windows, took down those old curtains, and let the sunshine do the rest.

Additionally, the kitchen needs a facelift, but only in its design. The floors and appliances needed replacing, and the cabinets needed fresh paint. It’s not much work but look what a difference it makes!

After only 3 months, Ted ending up selling this home for $385,000! This is just another example of how fix and flippers are changing our world for the better. They’re turning these rundown homes into beautiful SFHs that people can be proud to live in. Grand Junction will always be the wild, wild west, even with this wonderful wild, wild flip.

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