Fixer Upper in Southern Colorado

Let us walk you through this fixer upper in Southern Colorado. There are certain areas that just need fix and flippers. The homes are 40+ years old, run down, and they are ready for some TLC. When Eric found this property in Pueblo, CO, he saw the potential and put in an offer right away. It’s not a large home, only 1,240 sq. ft., but it makes up for it in charm. Eric purchased this property for $130,000 and estimated a $30,000 budget. The home didn’t need a complete renovation, but the hardwood floors needed refinishing, the carpet and paint needed to be replaced, the kitchen needed a good gutting and a facelift, the bathrooms were in dire need of some serious updates, and on top of all that, the roof needed repair.


The last time this home was updated was very likely in the 70’s. The kitchen had a brown linoleum floor, pale yellow cabinets, and green walls. Talk about a fixer upper! Eric decided to go with a clean, white look. With a white subway tile backsplash, crisp white wood cabinets, and a snow-white quartz countertop with eased edging. Best of all, the kitchen was modernized with energy efficient stainless-steel appliances.

Both bathrooms were stripped of their pink, grungy tile, and upgraded to the modern black and white look. The exterior of the home was repainted, the windows were replaced and shuttered, and would ya look at that! It’s much more inviting and charming and is just begging for a new family to move in and enjoy the upgrades. He was able to flip this home into something beautiful in just 4 months, and he sold the home for $230,000. The community and surrounding areas just got that much closer to moving out the “we need fix and flippers” category, and into the “you know you want to live here” category.

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