Home on the Prairie

This ambitious fix and flipper turned this run-down home into a true home on the prairie. One of our expert flippers down in Pueblo, CO saw this home on Prairie Street and put in an offer right away. It wasn’t completely lost, and it had major potential. He purchased the 1,077 square foot home for $145,000 and had a $30,000 budget. His scope of work included updating the exterior siding, refinishing the kitchen and bathrooms, and repairing the plumbing and electrical. No easy feat!

Prairie Street is in an older neighborhood, but a lot of the homes have been updated. He wanted to make sure the charm of the home remained, while still giving the home a new and modern appeal. It all started with the kitchen. He fixed the plumbing and electrical, and then proceeded to install new cabinets, floors, and appliances. The kitchen is one of the centerpieces of the home, and he knew he had to make this room stand out. He went with a sleek look of a white subway tile backsplash, pure white cabinets, stainless steel appliances, and a grey-tones granite countertop. This design really gives off a clean and modern look, while still leaving room for the homeowner’s design choices to add some fun color.

Next, he did the same with the bathrooms by getting them fully renovated with a new and sleek look. As a result, it’s really stunning when you look at the before photo compared to the after!

Lastly, he made sure not to forget the exterior, and he cleaned up the siding and added a fresh coat of paint. Curb appeal is not something to forget, and he really brought this prairie home back to life.

He did all of this amazing work in just 4 months and was able to sell the home for $257,000! Talk about a comeback for this cute Home on the Prairie!

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