Text: "Create Wealth with Subject Tos in Real Estate"

How to Create Wealth with Subject To Real Estate Investing

Setting up a subject to deal right opens the gate to more money in your real estate investment career. Now, here’s how to take it from a system that generates cash flow to a way to create generational wealth in real estate investing.

To Make Money, Go Big

Volume is how to truly create wealth in real estate investing. Subject tos can be easy and relatively passive, so it’s possible to stretch yourself from five to ten properties to 50 to 100.

But to go for volume, you’ll have to be less picky with the amount of money you put in a deal.

You might have to bring in some money to help the seller move. You may have to fix up a few things in the property. Or you could need to carry the payments for a few months while you find a good renter.

Using OPM to Create Wealth in Real Estate Investing

The number one investment strategy we recommend here is to bring in an OPM partner. This will be a person who’s willing to put in $10,000 to $50,000 in exchange for a portion of rent.

This partnership will allow you to expand quickly. Your partner gets a 5-6% return on their money, there’s still no money down for you, and you get the speed and flexibility that cash gives a subject to.

We have a history of helping people with this part of the process. You can get the start-up cash that will allow your to create wealth by investing in real estate. Reach out at HardMoneyMike.com.

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