The Foundation of a Good Home

The foundation of a good home goes a lot deeper than what you can see. Not to be too overtly obvious about it, it starts with the foundation of the home. Having a strong home means having a solid foundation.


There are some fix and flippers out there who may try to cover up foundational issues in the home in thinking about their bottom line. They see a crack going through the concrete floor and decide to put a new floor over top and not let the eventual buyer see that. They don’t want to spend the money and time to fix a large foundational issue with the home, it’s far too costly. Unfortunately, come a year later, that new homeowner now has cracks running up their walls.


We don’t work with those kinds of fix and flippers. We believe in integrity and honesty, and we don’t want to invest in those who try to trick people. The foundation of a good home starts with hard work, and a sturdy foundation.


Take this fix and flipper we worked with last year, the initial photos he sent us of this home showed many foundational issues, and a large part of his budget was put toward fixing those issues.

He knew that just putting up a wall or putting down a floor to cover the problems wouldn’t benefit the house or the homeowner in any way. It was crucial to fix these issues, and he had to do them right. It started with digging tunnels under the home to access the support beams. He placed foundation repair pilings under each major beam, used hydraulic jacks to lift the home to the correct level. Finally, support cylinders were placed under the beams and shimmed them to the proper height.


It’s not easy work, or cheap work, but it’s necessary work. The end result speaks for itself, and for decades to come. The new homeowner can be confident that they are living in a sturdy, good-quality home. They won’t have to worry about any foundational cracks peeking up anytime soon. This home can now be a “forever home” because it has a rock solid foundation.

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