Trash to Treasure

One of our favorite parts of this business is witnessing a property go from trash to treasure. This property in Texas was purchased by one of our Great’s when it was in a very rough state. The history of the property involved abandonment, poor renters who didn’t care for the place, to more abandonment. There was a lot of work to do. But this particular fix and flipper had an eye for properties like this. He can see through the rot, past the trash, and see what potential the house has.


He started with the foundation and bones of the house. There were foundational cracks, mold, and rot throughout. It was a necessity to take care of all of that first and foremost. A good, solid house needs upstanding and sturdy bones.


He moved on to the kitchen and bathrooms, both of which needed some upgrades and serious TLC. With new floors, tile, and appliances, the kitchen made a complete 180°. He went with a clean, white look and the place really sparkles.

For the bathroom, the whole thing needed replacing. He put in a nice jacuzzi tub, which really adds a nice touch to the feel of the bathroom. A modern, sleek vanity mirror combo catches the eye and invites people in with raised eyebrows. Finishing off the look with smooth walls and ceiling, exquisite tile floors, and a brand-new window, this bathroom sure is a treasure to behold.

Finishing the rest of the home with this same effort and determination, the house was flipped into a home and the new buyers couldn’t wait to sign on the dotted line. When the house was trash, it was purchased for a measly $135,000. When the house was flipped into treasure, it was sold for a whopping $230,000. And it took just 4 months to do it! With a solid crew at his back, our guy turned this home into something he can always be proud of. And this home is packed full of treasure and will never be trash again.

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